Assisting Local Business Owners with Income Producing Services – Strategies:

  • Local Business Financial Funding Lenders

  • Online SSL Certificate Security

  • Lead Generation using Yelp, Google Business – Maps, Social Media

  • Mobile Web Design (a must need service)

  • Traditional Web Design and Ranking

  • Reputation Management

  • Video Construction – Promotions

Local Business Marketing Division

We are a group of marketing experts that aspires to help facilitate your business by maximizing the full potential of your website. Your business website is a tool to communicate with your customers. Our goal is to assist you with marketing strategies in making those valuable revenue generating customers to trust, respect and feel secure while visiting your website. Building Futures Marketing Offering Local Business Owners A Complete Portfolio Of Revenue, Marketing, And Ranking Resources

Hi! Michael McPherson, Owner & Lead Consultant - Building Futures Marketing, Eugene / Junction City, OR

Revenue Producing Marketing Services We Offer

Are you considering  Professional Local Business Marketing Guidance?

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What We Offer Your Local Business ~~

Marketing Strategy - Sign-Up For High Qualifying, Quick Capital Lending

Could Your Marketing Planning Need Business Funding  ~ ~Today ~ ~ In The Near Future?

* Let’s Discuss How Our Service Can Get Your Capital & Financial Funding Quickly With No Hassles.

* We offer Confidential, Non Traditional Certified Lenders who early desire to do business with you quickly, with fewer qualifications. 

* Our Business Lenders are NOT banks. They are Private Financing Vendors who do not operate like banks.

* All Information Offered and Provided is Secure, Confidential, and is Never Sold.

Take a No Risk Action Today!

Educate Yourself on SSL Certificates and Claiming Your Yelp Listing

We understand that allowing YELP to represent, share, and promote your Local Business can be viewed as an Important Revenue Decision. 

Educate Yourself on Claiming Your YELP BUSINESS

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We respect your privacy and will never sell, spam, share your confidential information

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The same can be said with Securing Your Website with an SSL Certificate. 

To assist you with these difficult tasks, Our Professional Staff have created an inside edition SSL Certificate Guides to educate you or your staff on all aspects.

Making The Best SSL Certificate Selection

Educate Yourself on SSL Certificate Security
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Reasons to Contact Us

We Will Increase Daily Profits and Monthly Revenue

Any Service we offer you has been proven to increase your monthly revenue profits while saving your expense budget a substantial amount of money.

Our Team Goal is to install trust between your business and your customers - clients, thus build a list of revenue generating buyers.

Our Professional Experience Offers Excelling Results

We have built outstanding trust from our customers because of the years of experience we bring.

There are no shortcuts when we talk about Leads, Web Security, plus YELP Coverage and Design. We tell you what you need based on our assessments, and findings.

You'll Trust Our Proven Top Rated Methods & Values

Your time, goals and values are respected. We'll only tell you what methods will be best suited to promote your business.

We want you to immediately start reaping the benefits of using an SSL Certificate or YELP promotions that assure your business buyer appreciation and respect.

Final Thoughts . . .

Our Staff at Building Futures Marketing desire not only to be just merely your potential professionals; our goal is to be your partners.
We want to provide and offer you the analysis, proper recommendations, strategies, and proven methods to overnight increase your bottom dollar revenue.  Whether it be installing a secure SSL Certificate or Designing your website, including representing your business within the YELP organization or Social Media websites.
We know that you wish to gain more paying customers or clients and not scare them away.  We will provide those individuals to increase your Monthly Revenue. Then finally, helping to expand your customer base by creating  your “Business Buyers List.”
Give us a Call – Leave us a message with your best time to contact you at 541-952-0099 to set up a 10-Minute Appointment Consultation and discuss a future partnership.

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Our Professional Staff

OWNER – Consultant – Staff Supervisor:   Michael McPherson

YELP – Social Media – WebPage Design: Brandon McPherson

SSL Certificates – Photo Design:  Roy Rollins

Office Supervisor:  Patricia Rhames

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